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Experienced Software Engineer with a demonstrated history of working in the computer software industry. Interested in Scala, Big Data and Data Analysis with background in web development.

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Senior Software Engineer Jan 2020 – Present

Quantcast is an online advertising company that helps brands, agencies and publishers to know their audiences and buy the best ads using realtime bidding.


Senior Data Engineer Dec 2018 – Dec 2019

Tapsi has been the fastest-growing e-hailing platform in Iran which is committed to using big data and AI to solve Iran’s transportation and environmental challenges. As a senior data engineer, my job was leading big data team to design and implement data stack of Tap30. I used Ambari, Kafka, Spark, Airflow, HDFS, etc to bring fast, reliable, high available and linear scalable solution to persist and process batch and a stream of data for data scientists, business analysts and submitted backend job.
Some of my main responsibility included reviewing code of the big data team, design and implement data pipelines to gather data from different sources and produce meaning full information and reports, Improve the performance and maintenance of the cluster of Spark, Kafka, Zookeeper, and HDFS.


Technical Product Manager Mar 2018 – Dec 2018

Alongside my responsibility for data engineering, As a technical product manager, I was working with backend and frontend departments to define and design services boundary, APIs at RPC level and divide them into deliverable tasks.
During this period I designed and led the team for end-to-end chat encryption.


Data Engineer / Big Data Developer Dec 2016 – Dec 2018

BisPhone was a messenger with almost 3 million users (The project was shut down in 2021). My responsibility is to design and develop a scalable and high available data-intensive application using Scala, Akka, Apache Flink, Apache Spark, Apache Kafka, Cassandra, and ElasticSearch. My notable contributions include Nathan project which was responsible to count unique message views of each message. I've used approximately algorithms (HyperLogLog and BloomFilter), Apache Kafka and Apache Flink with Scala to implement it. Furthermore, I had some contribution to the core messaging system of BisPhone which was implemented by Akka and Cassandra.


Software Developer Sep 2016 – Nov 2016

Mabna is an active company in telecommunication. I worked on the backend of a startup that was invested by Mabna.


Software Developer Nov 2015 – Mar 2016

HungerStation is a food delivery service in Saudi Arabia which is owned by Food Panda. My responsibility was adding new features to web service and improving the performance of it. I used Ruby On Rails and PostgreSQL there.


Software Developer May 2014 – Dec 2014

PersianBlog is the first blogging platform in Persian. My responsibility was the implementation of PPC platform. I developed the project using NodeJS(expressJS framework), PHP, Redis, MongoDB, Neo4j and RabbitMQ.

Shiveh Crop

Junior Web Developer Jun 2013 – May 2014

Shiveh Crop is a pioneer company in the GIS field in Iran. As a junior web developer, I contributed to the main project of the company and added real-time GPS tracking service to it using PHP (Zend Framework) and MySQL.


Amirkabir University of Technology - Tehran Polytechnic

Master of Science, Information Technology 2015 - 2018

My major is more about how to make a business successful by using computer techniques including analyzing social media, data mining, business intelligence and natural language processing to find new and efficient ways to sell products, find what people need, how to advertise for special segments and etc.
My thesis is about forecasting the news impact on social media users' political opinions' aspects which is related to sentiment analysis and machine learning.

K. N. Toosi University of Technology

Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering 2010 - 2015

Teaching Assistants:
Fundamental of Computer Programming, Fall 2011, taught by Eng. Zamanian
Machine Language and System Programming, Fall 2012, taught by Dr. Khasteh

Volunteer Experience

Volunteer Exchange Student

AIESEC in Mainland of China Jul 2016 - Aug 2016

I was working in Guangzhou, China as a volunteer to improve general knowledge of Chinese migrant workers with other volunteers from Russia, Moldova, Malaysia, Egypt, China, Indonesia, etc. This project helped me to develop my leadership and communication skills in the international environment.